Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More with the crafty

I made a couple small jingle bell wreaths a few years back, but all the wire and glue-gunning with the ornaments reminded me I still had a container full of bells tucked away in my closet.  Time to set them free.
I used the same 14 gauge wire as for the ornament wreath and started stringing the various sizes and colors of bells (silver and gold) until it could form a complete wreath.  It was difficult to get the wire to twist neatly - I had a piece of wire sticking out the back that I just couldn't get to turn in or lie flat.  I dabbed some hot glue to the end and threaded on a smooth oblong bead to cover the pointy end.  Problem solved.
As with the ornament wreath, you can turn the bells to help get the configuration of small/large silver/gold that looks best.  Even though the bells on their own are really cool, I could see some wire between them and that wouldn't do.  Out came the neglected bead stash.  The pearl beads looked the best so I added those in various sizes all over the place until it looked like enough.

I still need to find a final home for this one - I love it!  I will add another loop of a more flexible gauge of wire to serve as a hanger and see where it would like to live (although who wouldn't want to live next to Santa rowing a canoe?)

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