Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, what does your mom do for a living?

So I'm in microbiology this semester and we're required to have our own lab coat.  Apparently this is what Project Runway thinks I should be wearing.

This is NOT what I got. I purchased your run-of-the-mill white lab coat.  Men's M.  Knee length.  I'm 5'5", $1.30; needless to say it's too big.  I know how to sew so I figured I'd just whack off the bottom and sleeves and toss in a hem.  Done.

Funny story.

The scene: My kitchen.  Me in the lab coat trying to figure out where to hem the darn thing.  12-year-old son at the table.  Husband at the sink.

Son: Why are you wearing a lab coat?
Me: (opens mouth to answer but is cut off by husband)
Husband: Cuz Mom's gonna make meth.  You go to school and tell everyone that.
Son: What? Oh ok.

Great.  Anxiously awaiting a call.  Any minute now.

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